Chiller Replacement Rooftop or Plantroom Mounted

Metainy Air Conditioning undertake the replacement of rooftop or plantroom mounted; air or water cooled chillers.

At some stage in their life all chillers reach the point where the costs to continue to repair and maintain them outweigh the cost of replacing.

Consideration also has to be given to energy efficiency; older chillers are far less efficient than chillers manufactured today.

The refrigerant gas used in existing chillers could well be contravening F Gas Regulations.

Metainy Air Conditioning are able to replace a chiller with a new one incorporating current technologies and integrated energy saving features.

We undertake the replacement of any make, capacity or age of chiller and ensure that the new chiller meets the needs of the system and which can provide an energy efficient solution with significantly reduce operating costs.

We can provide:

  • Free site surveys
  • Professional project management
  • Expert analysis of the project requirements
  • An energy efficient, space saving replacement chiller
  • All associated mechanical and electrical work
  • Craneage
  • Removal from site of the old chiller and safe disposal
  • PPM chiller service and maintenance

Contact Metainy Air Conditioning Ltd in Maidenhead 0162 856 9380 or Glasgow 0141 227 3937 for more information.

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